Together, let’s find out how I can help you. 

Energy medicine is the perfect tool to resolve mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual issues.

Through the process of energy tracking, we can discover what systems need rebalancing and aligning. We will uncover anything that is blocking your energy from flowing freely and radiantly and help you heal.

No matter what the challenges are or feel like, your body is wired to heal. There is nothing too small or too great that can’t be addressed and shifted. 

“After just three sessions, Camille facilitated a transformation that I could never have imagined. Not only has she enabled the healing of my body, soul and life, but she has also revived my spirit.” ~ Sarah

All sessions are confidential. I listen intuitively, holding a safe space that allows for my client’s optimal health, well-being and spiritual emergence.

New to Energy Medicine?

Energetic healing clears those blocks by repairing and rebalancing the energy patterns in our bodies. We then move to a more balanced place where our body is able to function most productively.


Core Services Offered

All services are offered in office or remotely using FaceTime, Skype or Zoom

  • Elements Pulse Balancing
  • Pain Management
  • Meridian and Anxiety/Depression
  • Traditional Balancing
  • Celtic Chakra Balance + Weave Work
  • Pranic Healing Balancing of Chakras
  • Sounds Balance (Tuning forks)
Electric Body Balancing
  • Deep Electrics for Shock and Prolonged Ailments
  • For Deep Relaxation
  • To Rebalance Irregular Energy
  • Black Pearl
  • Brazilian Toe
Auric Body
  • Detached or Collapsed Conditions
  • Treatment for Leaks, Tears or Toxins in the Aura
  • Near, Middle, Far Field Balancing
  • Polarity Work
  • Trauma Recovery
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • For shifting unwanted emotional and psychological behaviors
Assemblage Point
  • Aligning Heart and Soul Purpose
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Grounding Authenticity and Inner Authority
Extraordinary Flows Treatment
  • The unification of (Chinese medicine) Extraordinary Vessels and the Meridian System for resiliency and deeper balancing between all 9 Energy Systems of the body
  • Circuit Building for greater peace and joy
  • Radiant Regression for the healing of present and past life experiences or traumas
Sound and Color Vibrational Healing
  • Use of tuning forks, color and light to balance and enhance the energy body
Basic Grid
  • Treatment of Minor and Major Grids of the most fundamental level of the energy body
  • Note: This more advanced level of energy healing requires previous treatment and a certain level of sturdiness
Spiritual Mind Treatment
  • Vibrational treatment for healing negative perceptions held in the field and amplifying the innate healing properties of the mind/body/spirit
Pre/Post Preparation for Surgical Procedures
  • Support in preparation for surgery
  • Enhance the recovery/healing after any procedure
  • Pain management
Transitional Support
  • Energetic support for those experiencing terminal illness or in hospice care
  • For caretakers supporting those in transition
  • Support for healing practitioners of all modalities
Treatment For Pets/Animals
  • Physical, Emotional and Behavioral Health
Soft Tissue for Trauma
  • Myofascial Release
  • Trigger Points Therapy
Maternity Support
  • Fertility Issues
  • For those seeking support pre/post childbirth for greater balance and ease at each trimester
Business Consulting
  • Employees who are healthy, fulfilled and empowered to manage their emotional and physical well-being are better equipped to drive business results, which is I am frequently called by employers and executives to serve as a workplace coach and Energy Medicine expert to develop workshops on stress management.
Integrated Healthcare Consulting
  • Studies show that reduced stress can contribute to faster healing and improve outcomes for individuals with chronic conditions or undergoing surgical procedures. I work with traditional and functional medicine health professionals to incorporate Energy Medicine as part of an integrated system of care. I often consult with medical professionals and patients to address issues such as pain management and post-operative healing as well as to balance energies, promote vitality and reduce the stress associated with chronic medical issues.

Contact Camille

Contact me at 818.879.3018 or to learn more about how Energy Medicine can help you live your best life.